Bear Jaws 155

Original 4 inch model, non-locking blades At first glance the Bear Jaws tool appears to simply be a copy of the Leatherman PST. But the Bear has one important advantage, that being it's outside opening blades. This blade arrangement is relatively common today, but it was revolutionary when first introduced back in 1996. So much so that Swiss Army Knife giant Victorinox reportedly bought Bear MGC in order to obtain the patent. The company is now back in the hands of an original owner, but the Vic SwissTool and Spirit owe their legacy to the Bear Jaws 155.


Jaw shape is needlenose, with fine serrations and a gripping area. Bypass wire cutters are near the pivot. (No hard wire notch is included)

See Variations.


Handles are sheet metal bent into a channel shape. The sheet metal itself is noticably thicker than any other similar multitool. Pivot screws are torx drive.

BEAR JAWS is stamped into both handles. One side of the tool is stamped with an inch scale, the other side in metric.

Finish is a high polish stainless all over.

See Variations.

Blades and Tools

  • Clip point knife blade, with plain edge. Measures 2-1/2" long (65mm)
  • Large flathead screwdriver
  • Lanyard ring
  • Medium flathead screwdriver
  • Three-sided file blade, featuring single cut and double cut serrations
  • Sheepsfoot knife blade, fully serrated. Measures 2-1/2" long (65mm)
  • Heavy cast phillips screwdriver
  • Can opener

Note that blade arrangement varied. See Variations.

Locking Mechanism

Blades did not lock on the original 155 model. See Variations.

Other Features

An often-overlooked advantage of Bear multitools is the ease at which the implements can be changed to suit the user. Spare components can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.


Sheath on early models was woven nylon with a velcro closure. Belt loop allowed vertical carry only.

Later models featured a leather backing with cross loops that allowed for both vertical and horizontal carry.


  • Length open = 6-1/4" (159mm)
  • Length closed = 4" (100mm)
  • Width closed = 1-1/4" (32mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 6.8 oz (194g)


The Bear Jaws 155 tool evolved somewhat over the years. In addition, there were several different models produced as well as numerous varients produced and sold by other companies. (rebrands)

Please see Bear Jaws 155 Variations for more details.


The original Bear Jaws tool was introduced in 1996. The locking blade variation was introduced in 2001. Made in the USA.
The Bear Jaws Electrician 155EL is based on the same frame and handles.

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