CrossCut 2.0

Bob's CrossCut 2.0 Pics Introduced in 2011, the CrossCut 2.0 is a Chinese made revision of the earlier CrossCut. The CrossCut 2.0 varies from the older CrossCut only in small details, such as its Torx screw construction, and the scissor retention springs. Despite having been manufactured in China, the Crossgrip 2.0's quality is on par with the older USA made CrossCut. When the original CrossCut was discontinued in 2008, SOG gave it an MSRP of $40. When they introduced the CrossCut 2.0, the MSRP was (and remained) $20, a distinct advantage of moving production costs to China.

Bob's CrossCut 2.0 Pics
CrossCut vs. CrossCut 2.0
Bob's CrossCut 2.0 Pics
TiNi CrossCut vs. CrossCut 2.0
Bob's CrossCut 2.0 pics
CrossCut vs. CrossCut 2.0 knife blades


Like many SOG tools, the CrossCut featured SOG's patented compound leverage technology. However, unlike any other SOG tool before or after it, the CrossCut featured scissor jaws, rather than plier jaws. Combined with its compound leverage, the Crosscut could cut much tougher materials than its closest competitors, the Leatherman Micra and Gerber's revolving line of scissor based tools, such as the Shortcut. The CrossCut's jaws are spring loaded, with an internal torsion spring underneath the gears. Compared to the Micra, the CrossCut was inferior for cutting materials like cardstock or paper, as it's thick pivot area gets in the way. However, it excelled at cutting things like paracord and fishing wire, due to it's compound leverage jaws.


The handles of the CrossCut 2.0 are almost identical to that of the original CrossGrip, but it has retention spring cutouts near the scissor pivots.

Blades and Tools

  • Plastic Toothpick
  • Knife Blade
  • Small Flathead driver/Bottle Opener
  • Nail File with Nail Cleaner Tip
  • Medium Flathead Driver
  • Tweezers
  • Lanyard Loop
  • 5" Ruler/12cm Ruler

Locking Mechanism

The CrossCut 2.0 uses the same spring retention system seen on the PowerPlier and ParaTool.


Some CrossCut 2.0's are sold with Nylon Sheaths


  • Length open = 4"
  • Length closed =2.5"
  • Weight = 1.7oz


The CrossCut 2.0 was only ever offered in a polished stainless steel finish.
  • CG51, polished Stainless steel finish


Released in 2011, the CrossCut 2.0 was the successor to the original CrossCut. Both tools are very similar, but differ in some small areas. The CrossCut 2.0 was discontinued in 2015.
The CrossCut 2.0 succeeded the CrossCut, and is a cousin of the CrossGrip

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