Chako's CrossGrip Pics Introduced in the late 90's along with it's stablemate, the CrossCut, the CrossGrip was the first true pliers based keychain tool, predating the Leatherman Squirt P4 by at least 4 years.

Chako's CrossGrip Pics Chako's CrossGrip Pics
TiNi CrossGrip
SOG CrossGrip, black finish.JPG
Black Oxide CrossGrip
Bob's TigerStripe CrossGrip
TigerStripe CrossGrip
Chako's CrossGrip Pics
External Torsion Spring
Chako's CrossGrip Pics


The jaws of the CrossGrip are different from any other tool offered by SOG, and more closely resemble that of normal plier jaws, rather than the traditional semi-needlenose seen on most multitools. The full nose jaws have a wirecutter near the base of the jaws, and a bolt gripping section. The CrossGrip also benefits from SOG's compound leverage technology, and is spring loaded. Unlike the CrossCut's internal spring, the CrossGrip's torsion spring is external, as wider plier jaws leave no room for the spring inside the frame.


The CrossGrip's frame resembles a scaled down PowerPlier, complete with SOG's classic exposed gears.

Blades and Tools

  • Plastic Toothpick
  • Knife Blade
  • Small Flathead driver/Bottle Opener
  • Nail File with Nail Cleaner Tip
  • Medium Flathead Driver
  • Tweezers
  • Lanyard Loop
  • 5" Ruler/12cm Ruler


The CrossGrip uses the same spring retention system seen on the PowerPlier and ParaTool.


The CrossGrip comes with a small vinyl sheath.


Length open = 3.6"
Length closed =2.5"
Weight = 2oz


Unlike many of SOG's other tools, the CrossGrip did not see any changes through it's production life. The only variations of this tool are the finishes available from SOG.
  • CG55, in a polished stainless steel finish
  • B55, Black Oxide finish
  • T55-G, a standard CrossGrip, but with a gold TiNi finish
  • B55-T, Tiger Stripe finish.


The first known mention of the CrossGrip is an advertisement in the September 1998 issue of Backpacker Magazine. It was discontinued in 2008, at the same time as the original CrossCut.
The CrossGrip was based on the same frame as the CrossCut, and was essentially a scaled down PowerPlier.

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