Multi-Plier 400

600-400 comparison Introduced in 1999, the Multi-Plier 400 is a goodly amount smaller than its big brother the 600. Shorter pliers, narrower handles, and a lighter weight all add up into a more compact package. Hence the name Compact Sport. Despite its smaller size, the 400 retains all of the premium features of the 600 including one-handed sliding pliers, Saf-T Plus locking blades, and stainless steel construction.

Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport
Compact Sport
Multi-Plier 400, black oxide
Multi-Plier 400, black oxide
Multi-Plier 400 T3 edition
Terminator T3 edition
Multi-Plier 400, Compact Corkscrew
Compact Corkscrew
Multi-Plier 400 Compact Fisherman
Compact Fisherman
Compact Sport -vs- Compact Corkscrew
Compact Corkscrew
Compact Sport -vs- Custom Etch
Custom Etch
Compact Sport vs- Compact Fisherman
Compact Fisherman


Using the patented Gerber system of sliding pliers, simply depress the two buttons on the handles and the jaws slide out and lock into position.

400-series plier jaws are somewhat short/stubby. They also are prone to rattle like previous Gerbers, a tendency that bothers some people more than others.

There are fine serrations near the nose, a gripping area below that, and a wire cutter area near the pivot. (No hard wire notch is included.)


Each handle is comprised of a channel of stainless steel sheet. Due to the channel facing inwards, the tool is comfortable to grip tightly when using the pliers.

Slots on the spine allow the sliding jaw buttons to move into position.

Finish is brushed stainless all over.

Angled lightening slots are on both sides, six places each handle. GERBER USA is stamped into one side. STAINLESS is stamped into the spine. (Note no inch or metric scales are included)

Blades and Tools

All the blades and tools lock open. They are also completely free of clumping thanks to Gerber's exclusive tabbed washer system.
  • Partially serrated knife blade, drop point profile, double side grind bevel. Measures 2-1/2" long. (63mm)
  • Phillips screwdriver with square shank
  • Combination bottle opener/medium flathead screwdriver
  • Spring-loaded folding scissors, marked Fiskars
  • Large flathead screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Can opener

Locking Mechanism

The Gerber Saf-T Plus system securely locks all blades in the open position. Sliding the black plastic switch on the back of the handle releases the lock.

Other Features

A wire crimper area is provided on the underside of the plier jaws.


A black nylon sheath with velcro closure is standard. It is designed for vertical carry only.


  • Length open= 5-3/4" (145mm)
  • Length closed = 4-3/8" (113mm)
  • Width closed = 1-1/2" (37mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 6 oz (168g)


At this time there is only the standard Compact Sport listed in the Gerber catalog and website. But previously there were a surprising number of variations produced.
  • Multi-Plier 400, black oxide
    • same tools and features, but with black coating all over

  • Terminator T3 edition
    • same tools and features, black oxide coating, T3 logo and Gerber logo laser etched into one handle

  • Multi-Plier 400 Compact Corkscrew
    • corkscrew tool added. (Surprisingly, by using thinner washers, no other tools needed to be removed to make room for it)
    • special zig-zag pattern added in one handle to allow corkscrew to fit

  • Multi-Plier 400 Custom Etch
    • intended as a promotional item, it was specially produced without lightening slots in the handles to allow space for laser etching company logos, etc.

  • Multi-Plier 400 Compact Fisherman
    • same handles as other 400-series tools
    • special extra-long needlenose jaws (note these are not the same jaws as the Gerber 600-series Fisherman tool, which featured carbide wire-cutting inserts)
    • special longer sheath, due to jaw tips protruding even in the "closed" position
    • plain edge knife blade, instead of partially serrated
    • folding lanyard ring
    • tweezers
    • awl blade
    • two-sided file blade, with one side being a diamond file with hook groove down the center
    • Compact Fisherman page - more information and pictures


Introduced by Gerber in 1999. Made in the USA.
The Gerber 400-series tools are closely related to the larger Multi-Plier 600 tool.

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