SOG Components

Since the introduction of the Paratool in 1992, one of SOG's selling points is that they actively encourages swapping out the internal tools for other tool blades. SOG sells many individual tools through it's website, and through third party retailers. This is page is a list of SOG's (and rebranded tools made by SOG) internal tool components.

Saw blade, serrated line cutter, and two wrenches
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Current Implements

These components are currently available in modern SOG multitools, as well as available through SOG's website.
  • 3-Sided file (V4, with medium flathead)
  • #1 Phillips Driver
  • Double Tooth Saw, V2
  • Sheepsfoot Fully Serrated Blade, V3
  • V-Ground Spear Point Plain Edge blade,
  • Chisel Ground Spear Point Plain Edge Blade, V2
  • Partially Serrated Spear Point blade, V2 (Chisel Ground)
  • Scissors
  • V-Cutter
  • C-4 Spike
  • Large Flathead Driver
  • Awl, V2
  • Can Opener with Small Flathead
  • Bottle Opener with Medium Flathead
  • 1/4" Socket Adapter

Retired Tools

These tools are no longer available through SOG, but can still be found on older multitools, and some third party retailers
  • V1 3-sided file (square, found on older ParaTool's)
  • V2 3-sided file (round, tapered, found on old ParaTool's)
  • V3 3-sided file (round, less tapered)
  • Serrated Line Cutter
  • Chisel Ground Plain Edge Blade, V1 (polished finish, nail nick)
  • Partially Serrated Spear Point Blade, V1 (Chisel Ground)
  • Sheepsfoot Serrated Blade, V1 (polished finished)
  • Sheepsfoot Serrated Blade, V2 (Smaller Serrations)
  • Medium Flathead Driver
  • Small Flathead Driver
  • Robertson Driver
  • Small Blade
  • Awl, V2
  • Claw style Can Opener/Bottle Opener
  • Double Tooth Saw, V1 (rounded end)

Aftermarket SOG Implements and Accessories

In addition to the tools that came with the SOG multitools, SOG also sells many implements individually. The following tools were never sold in production tools, but only individually.
  • SOG31KIT
    • Not an implement per say, but a kit of two 1/4" hex wrenches, a saw blade, and a serrated line cutter. Became available in the 1990's, after the ParaTool was introduced. This kit is discontinued.
  • Wire Stripper tool
    • 12-24 Gauge wire stripper, model number 100-442. It was originally produced for the failed PowerCut.
  • 1/4" Socket Adapter
    • Model number QTR-SKT
  • Hex Bit Accessory Kit
    • Model number HXB-01, comes with 1/4" Socket Adapter, #1, 2 & 3 Phillips drivers, #3, 5 & 7 flathead drivers, T6, T8, T10, & T20 Torx drivers, 1.5mm & 2mm Hex drivers, and plastic bit carrier.

Paladin Power Play Implements

SOG produced three tools for Paladin Telecom Tools, the PowerPlay PT-510, PowerPlay PT-525 and the PowerPlay PT-540. In addition to several regular SOG tools, the following four tools appear on both the PT-525 and PT-540, while the PT-510 only got the 110 punchdown tool.
  • 110 Punchdown tool (with 24-, 22-, 20- & 18-AWG Strippers)
  • Drywall saw
  • Wire Hook with Spudger
  • CAT 5e UTP Stripper

West Marine Implements

Harley Davidson Implements

In the 90's, SOG produced two rebranded tools for Harley Davidson, the HD29 (based on the Pocket PowerPlier and the HD30 (based on the PowerPlier). While none of the tools themselves are functionally different, many were stamped or etched with Harley Davidson branding.
  • Plain Edged blade etched with "Harley Davidson"
  • Partially Serrated blade, V1, etched with "Harley Davidson"
  • Saw etched with "Harley Davidson"
  • V3 file with "Harley Davidson" tang stamp
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